Teaching Excellence


Karen Millsap

“Plain and simple, Karen Millsap has surpassed every qualification for this award,” one student wrote. Others are equally enthusiastic about Eastern’s American Sign Language (ASL) specialist in the department of ASL & interpreter education: “Before taking her class, ask yourself if you want an easy ‘A’ or to truly learn ASL and walk out feeling very confident about communicating in the deaf culture. If [the latter], take her!” Millsap “cares deeply about how we are doing and gives us good feedback about how we can improve” . . . “Her door is always open” . . . “She is deaf and therefore has real life experiences” . . . “Challenging but FANTASTIC!”

After graduating with honors from Gallaudet University, a world leader in education for the deaf and hard of hearing, Millsap assembled impressive international credentials: missionary work in Cayman Islands, Costa Rica and Mexico and an internship in the Philippines. While earning her master’s in bilingual education for the deaf at San Diego State University’s prestigious program, she was a caregiver and mentor to deaf foster children and coordinated a deaf ministry.

At Eastern since 2010, Karen Millsap has found creative ways to integrate critical thinking methodologies in the ASL curriculum, upgraded lab activities and partnered with other universities to teach the first ASL immersion class in France. Her outreach to the region not only serves the deaf community but provides extraordinary service learning and internship opportunities to her students. To meet some of Karen Millsap’s students and see why the program has a nearly 100 percent placement rate, watch the short video prepared by Eastern’s department of American Sign Language and Interpreter Education.

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